Municipalité de Grosse Île Municipality

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 Finance Department


  • Payment of invoices
  • Perception of taxes and other revenues
  • Payroll
  • Accounting and municipal budget
  • Taxation
  • Municipal Taxes

The municipal tax account is sent to each property owner within the municipality in February of each year.  If your property tax bill is greater than $300.00, you have the option to either pay in full or in six (6) equal instalments.  However, if your property tax bill is inferior to $300.00, you must pay in full within the 30 days following the issuance of the tax invoice. 

You can pay your municipal tax account in person at the office situated at 006, Chemin Jerry or by mail.  We accept cheques, cash or debit card.

It is to be noted that credit cards are not accepted and you cannot pay at the financial institutions.

It is also very important to notify us of any change of address.

Property Evaluations

Currently, the evaluation role in effect for the municipality covers the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.  When this role will expire, the evaluation firm Servitech has the responsibility of submitting a new evaluation role to the municipality. 

This evaluation role is a very important management tool for the municipality in order to determine the true value of properties within its territory for municipal and school taxation purposes.

It is also possible for a property owner to request a revision; please contact the municipal office in order to obtain the information concerning the procedure to follow.

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